The Hurt Process

It has gotten very difficult to differentiate between the copious amounts of metal/emo bands that have made their way onto the scene in the last 5 years or so. Scream, sing, scream, breakdown, sing softer, scream some more, etc. etc. Yes I know there are clear differences in many bands like this, but the similarities are just too blatant.

The Hurt Process hail from the U.K. and are attempting to stick it to the yankee hardcore scene. With all my previous ranting about how these bands sound the same, The Hurt Process still manage to suck me in with catchy melodic hardcore. Influenced by bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Thursday, and Killswitch Engage, The Hurt Process really tear it up for most of the album with killer metal riffs and good transitions between the screaming and singing.

Poppy enough not to scare the crap out of the average teenager, this album should meet a widespread audience with songs such as "Butterflies" and "Come Home". At the same, time there is definitely enough metal-rifficness to please most hardcore listeners. In this crazy popular genre, The Hurt Process might have a hard time sticking out, but I guess that's what people are looking for.

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