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If you ever called your parents Maw n Paw, then you will be feelin this disc for sure. Before the advent of advanced technology and rap, there was once a time when artists would chew on grass and sing bout the girl that won't love, and the rain that won't fall. These archaic songs by Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly are reminiscent of hard times when people had more pressing worries than the size of their iPod.

True working people's music is presented here with ditties about Jesus Christ, not having enough Do-Re-Mi, and just real experiences. True folk pioneers, Guthrie and Leadbelly have paved the way for the crucial folk revival of the sixties and singer-songwriters of all sorts. Although the recording is poor, the hope and honesty shine through the scratchin and graininess.

Featuring 6 bonus tracks not available on the last Folkways: The Original Vision, this edition offers different packaging and liner notes for die hard folksy fans. These artists are musical innovators often overlooked by the mainstream, so try and show a little respect for your elders, as Maw n Paw would say. Music is all about perspective, and these guys give a humbling lesson most people could use.

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