John Entwistle

Although John Entwistle was mostly known for playing bass guitar for the rock band The "Who" he also had a very musically sophisticated solo career. Entwistle passed away three years ago (June 27th, 2002) he will surely be remembered for his influence on rock 'n' roll music. Entwistle's first two solo albums "Smash Your Head Against The Wall" and "Whistle Rymes" are impervious, "So Who's The Bass Player" is a super solo album to start with for those of you unfamiliar with his solo works. The photos and liner notes contained in the CD's booklet are priceless. Most of you will remember the "Who's" "My Wife" and "Boris The Spider," both selections included live on this CD. Incidentally, this double CD contains 38 tracks that will really make you appreciate John Entwistle's contributions to modern music; he wasn't just the man behind the bass solo of "My Generation," his contributions ran much deeper.

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