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We have always been aware of the wonderful soulful sounds that have come out of Cuba. Yet, Ry Cooder's 1997 masterpiece "Buena Vista Social Club" revisited Cuba's traditional sounds and featured the country's forgotten musical elite. In an interview with orcasound in 1997 Cooder was concerned about the musical direction by Cuba's youth. Cooder felt that younger Cuban's were trying to emulate the west with an influx of Rap and other popular ghetto type sounds. He felt that nothing new was emerging from Cuba and that the country's musical past may eventually be left by the way side. Maybe, this new CD would present an air of optimism for Cooder. Revolucion: The Santiago de Cuba Project is the brainchild of Mark Edwards who discovered new sounds stirring on the streets of Santiago; he spent six months recording what he heard live while he was there. The word spread fast and Edwards was confronted by an array of musicians who were young doctors, students, mechanics and technicians by day and musicians by night. The variety of music contained on this 12 track disc is a mix of Salsa, reggae, rock and rap. This CD is evidence that the new musical revolution is alive and well in Cuba.

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