Pat Metheny and Ornette Colemen

Song X, originally released in 1985, realized a long time dream of Pat Metheny in that he was able to work with composer/saxophonist Ornette Colemen. Ornette had been a great influence on Metheny and on this album the two bring their incredible talents to the listener. This re-release of that album comes at a perfect time for Montrealers who got to see plenty of Metheny at this year's Jazz Festival. The updated version of the 1985 album has expanded the songs from the original album and the first 6 tracks are previous unreleased works from that session. Bassist Charlie Hayden, percussionist Denardo Colemen (Ornette's son), and drummer Jack DeJohnette are the other featured musicians on this album. When the album first came out in 1985 fans were shocked about the change in sound for both artists, but once they hit the road with the music from the album everyone was won over. The liner notes are well worth a read as they contain some interesting about the album from Pat Metheny. Highlights on Song X include The Good Life, Police People and Compute. Because Metheny has remixed all the original songs this really becomes a whole new album and merits the re-release.

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