Sarah Blasko

Overture means the opening bars of a musical which contains little parts of all the pieces of music within the work and in which the hero or story emerges. Does Sarah Blasko see herself as a composer of music or a hero? It seems like listening to Blasko's album you are left with a bunch of questions. The music is definitely attempts to be cerebral without being too pompous or self-absorbed. Her upbringing as a missionary's daughter seems to have left some lasting impressions on Sarah's work ethic as she has tirelessly toured the planet bringing her music to the people. Also the album was recorded with little or no retouching done to the vocals. Blasko has always sung beginning with the choir in church and has always done it unselfconsciously, so she wanted the album to reflect this free spirit. Sarah was born in Sydney and has lived in many places around the world including Hollywood and the tiny Reunion Island (Atlantic Ocean) near Madagascar. Her sound is quite folksy, but there are also beautiful string arrangements on many of her songs. Her music would not seem out of place at a Lilith Fair concert. Blasko definitely falls into the singer/songwriter category. Her sound and lyrics really give the album an intimate feel. Highlights on the album include: Don't U Eva, Always Worth It (which was recently featured in the finale for the television series 'Six Feet Under'), and All Coming Back.

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