The Truman Show

When I first saw The Truman Show seven years ago, I felt a strange sensation as I watched Truman Burbank go about his daily life. 'Could this happen to me?' I thought as I watched it again on DVD. The Truman Show is about a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, the type that Jim Carrey does so well, Truman Burbank, who is oblivious to the fact that he is the first human born to a television show . He is unaware that he is watched by millions of people around the world all the time. It is only when a light fixture falls from the sky that the suspicions arise within him and he begins to question his shallow reality.
Although this concept is not an entirely new one, but The Truman Show portrays it stunningly. Keep in mind that this film came out before the notion of reality television.
For those who don't normally Jim Carrey's usual shtick, or at least the stuff he was known for before The Truman Show (Ace Ventura, Dumb & Dumber), you will be pleasantly surprised. The beauty of the film is that by watching it the audience effectively becomes part of the soap opera, cheering for Truman, and crying for him too.
Laura Linney plays the picture perfect wife who uses her role to promote household products during the show. She also does her best to keep Truman at bay but while the producers can control his environment, they cannot control his thoughts. Ed Harris plays Truman's creator/producer/director very well. Two other notable mentions are Natasha McElhone and Paul Giamatti.

Included on this special edition DVD are:
– a two-part documentary on the making of the Truman Show
– four deleted/extended scenes
– two tv spots
– two trailers
– photo gallery

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