Aly & AJ

Sister duo Aly & AJ have just released their debut album which is filled with fourteen pop rock tracks. They've got the looks, the sweet voices and a commercial sound that will surely draw comparisons to the likes of Hilary Duff. Aly & AJ have said that they want their music to be fun yet they also want to touch on more serious topics. It is also worth mentioning that they write their own music as well. The result is a fun and overall enjoyable album with numerous tracks that are a worthwhile listen. "Rush" is a cool rockin' track, which sets the pace for what is to follow. Some of you may recognize the song "No One" which is also featured on the "Ice Princess" motion picture soundtrack. "Something More" and "On The Ride" are cool tracks. "Out Of The Blue" is a well- crafted song about heartbreak. "In A Second" is an enchanting ballad, one of the album's standout tracks. Remakes of classics "Do You Believe In Magic" and "Walking On Sunshine" bring the album to an end. Artists to discover.

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