Gladiator (Extended Edition)

Directed by Sir Ridley Scott, this film was originally released in 2000 and was subsequently nominated for 12 Academy Awards, winning 5 including Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe's inspiring and star-making performance (he had previously wowed audiences in L.A. Confidential and The Insider). This action-packed epic now returns to DVD with 17 additional minutes of material that has been seamlessly edited into the original theatrical cut. Personally overseen by the director himself, the Gladiator Extended Special Edition three-disc set delivers the definitive version of Ridley Scott's most popular film since Thelma & Louise.

Gladiator started a trend in Hollywood and inspired many swordplay epics and period pictures in the years following its release. Most notably, it led to Scotts himself directing Kingdome of Heaven (2005), we well as Wolfgang Peterson's Troy (2004), and Oliver Stone's Alexander (2004). None of these films received the same type of accolades or box-office success as Gladiator, and that could be partially due to the strength of its ensemble supporting cast (including standout performances from Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Neilson, Richard Harris, and the great Oliver Reed's final screen performance before his death).

If you are a fan of action films, particularly epic films with great battle scenes and lots of swordplay, then you should definitely put this at the top of your list of must-own films. And you have seen the film before, as many people have, then this is an excellent edition to your DVD collection, since it is jam-packed with 2 discs of special features and making-of documentaries, such as:

Disc One (The Film)
– Commentary By Russell Crowe And Ridley Scott
– Introduction By Ridley Scott
– Are You Not Entertained?
Disc Two (The Documentary)
– Strength And Honour: Creating The World Of Gladiator
Seven-part Documentary that features never before seen footage. It is comprised of the following chapters:
– Tales Of The Scribes: Story Development
– The Tools Of War: Weapons
– Attire Of The Realm: Costume Design
– The Heat Of Battle: Production Journals
– Shadows And Dust: Resurrecting Proximo
– The Glory Of Rome: Visual Effects
– Echoes In Eternity: Release And Impact
Disc Three (The Supplements)
– Production Design Featurette
– Production Design Gallery
– Image & Design
– Storyboard Demonstration
– Storyboard Gallery
– Storyboard-To-Film Comparisons
– Ridleygrams
– Costume Design Gallery
– Photo Galleries
– Supplemental Archive
– Abandoned Sequences & Deleted Scenes
– VFX Explorations: Germania & Rome
– Trailers & TV Spots

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