With a career that spans over 30 years, Genesis are the type of band that everyone likes. Let me clarify – there will be at least one or two Genesis songs that appeal to almost every music listener. They have been a band that has undergone some personnel changes with the only constants being founding members Mike Rutherford (bass) and Tony Banks (keyboards). Drummer/lead singer Phil Collins joined the band in 1970, lead singer Peter Gabriel left the band in 1974, guitarist Steve Hackett left in 1977, drummer/lead singer Phil Collins left the band in 1996, and in 1997 singer Ray Wilson joined the band. The Genesis of the 1970s was very different than the Genesis of the 1980s and 1990s. What remained consistent throughout this revolving door atmosphere was the popularity and success of Genesis.

This 3-disc collection is an excellent overview of the over 30 year career of one of England most successful bands. From the songs of the 1970s, an era in which, believe it or not, they were considered a 'cult' favourite, we have a band whose sound was cutting edge and progressive. The music was theatrical (the 1974 album 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway'), the band members were eccentric and the lyrics dark (the 1971 album 'Nursery Cryme'). The one thing that eluded the band was financial success. During the 1980s, with Phil Collins taking on the lead vocal duties, Genesis became a money and hit making machine. Starting with the album 'Duke' (Turn It On Again) in 1980 Genesis's sound became more mainstream and they began to sell large amount of albums. 'Duke' was followed by the successes of 'Abacab' in 1981, 'Genesis' (Mama, Illegal Alien, That's All) in 1983 and 'Invisible Touch' (Throwing It All Away, Land of Confusion, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight). Genesis was now one of the biggest bands on the planet. If you were to look deeper at the music, Genesis had not completely changed. They still had their long theatrical songs (Domino, Home By The Sea, etc.), which were incredibly popular when they performed them live. The early 90s saw continued success and then Phil Collins left Genesis. One more album was recorded in 1997, which did not do as well. The story of the band Genesis is one of survival, teamwork and adaptation. This collection, which includes an excellent booklet with a history of Genesis, covers Genesis's biggest hits and will have all the music that fans love in one neat little package.

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