The Golden Republic

What's with all these post-punk missionaries that sound like they're from New York? Miles from Manhattan, Midwestern foursome The Golden Republic try and make their mark as "the next big thing". Some bands carry out the post-punk new wave genre to new heights like Franz Ferdinand and The Killers. Others like The Bravery trip over their synthesizers stealing from Depeche Mode and Gang of Four at the same time. Kansas City's The Golden Republic fall somewhere in between "the next big thing" and "blatant copycats". Their self-titled debut has the band diving into the T-Rex deep end wearing a Ziggy Stardust life preserver. Not a bad thing persay, "Robots" and "You Almost Had It" showcase the GR's knack for crafting classy shimmer punk and they make use of that 70's androgyny sound with "Rows of People" and "I'll Do Anything". But here's the catch, the songs don't bounce off your stereo they way they should. The production isn't the problem here, it's that The Golden Republic spend way too much time showing us how arty and glam they could be, they forget that it's not 1976. Let's give The Golden Republic a B for effort, they're the diet coke of "next big things" they'll never achieve the success of The Killers but if we're lucky they'll outsell The Bravery.

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