Giant Drag

Remember that weird girl in high school who always said inappropriate things at all the wrong times? She now fronts Giant Drag, an indie rawk duo who make snidely brilliant music. Hearts and Unicorns shows singer/guitarist Annie Hardy running her mouth and keeping things so real it hurts while drummer Micah Calabrese cowls behind his kit like a scared little boy. He has good reason. Annie Hardy is Courtney Love circa 1998, polished on the outside but you know she's gonna fly off the handle if you don't get her morning latte. Songs like "Kevin is Gay" and "You're Full of S*#t" flow with sharp cattiness and poetic shoegaze, sorta My Bloody Valentine after a self-defense class. Hearts and Unicorns is like listening to Mazzy Star after kicking PJ Harvey's ass and getting that morning latte, on time.

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