Mid-way Report for Cinemania

Gabrielle Royer really knows how to pick great films. As Managing Director of the film festival, Genevieve has the difficult task of finding then choosing the films that will be screened during this festival which highlights French language films. She has definitely hit it out of the park with a high percentage of her picks. The only reason that I do not say all her picks is because I have not seen all the films. The festival's opening film "Va, Vis, et Deviens' was a tour de force; it was of the quality like I have not seen in a long time. It was the type of film that you carry around with you for many days after. Even though this is a film that will have a mainstream release the two screenings during Cinemania people were lining up on the hopes of getting in to see the film. This is saying something because it was raining cats and dogs at the time of the second screening. Every seat at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts was full and Festival Director, Maidy Teitelbaum, ever the gracious hostess, added a few chairs in the back of the auditorium so there would be that many fewer disappointed people. This is also a great example of why this is a fun festival to attend; the people in charge of the festival are very hands on. They are there for screenings and helping out when need be. This festival is also quite mindful of both of the official languages of Quebec. Even though it is a festival of French language films all the films are subtitled in English and all Q & A's with directors or round table discussions are bilingual. The venue, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, also sets the festival apart from others. It is small and intimate, you almost feel as if you at a private screening and all the films are shown in one location so there is no travelling required. You can sit there from early in the morning until late at night watching movies. The attendance seems quite good for all screenings at either full or almost full. Due to all the above mentioned reasons chalk Cinemania up as another one of Montreal's first rate film festivals!

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