Bonnie Raitt

On top of her game, Bonnie Raitt is a total class act all the way. She's the best at what she does. In her mid-fifties Raitt still has an incredible voice and a master with her guitar. Totally involved in her music, Bonnie Raitt continues to produce on her 18th album, Souls Alike. Unlike her elder rock companions, Raitt does not sit idle and churn out crap and best-of compilations; she continues to create great new music showing what it's really like to love your job.

Raitt and her gifted band sound extremely comfortable together, evidence of a group that's been together for a good while. They recorded each track on either the first or second take creating a definite groovy feel, which is exactly what she was looking for. Starting off with the leading single 'I Will Not Be Broken', the album offers various takes on regular pop tunes, showcasing her songwriting and perennial stellar voice. Hard to imagine she is the same age as Stephen Tyler and Mick Jagger when you hear the clarity here.

Ever the ageless wonder, Bonnie Raitt has come through once again on her very first self-produced album. Raitt is not going to blow you out of the water with her dazzling new sounds and ingenuity, but she will make up for it with soul and consistency, a nice change in the rock world.

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