coldplay xandyOnce upon a time Coldplay was the f$#king second coming. The world loved every little thing they did and they were getting praise heaved at them for every touching concert and emotional single. Rock snobs have no mercy, even for the beloved Coldplay. Faster than you can say “the next U2”, fans and critics were more than happy to let Coldplay know just how much they didn’t like their new album. The New York Times’ Jon Pareles wrote an article harshly criticizing Chris Martin and his grandiose theatrics cutting to the heart of the Coldplay debate over the quality of its new album.

“X & Y” is what you think; lush arrangements, abundant vocal crescendos, and heart on the sleeve lyrics. Although not quite as fresh and new as “Rush Of Blood to the Head”, Coldplay’s 3rd album does not show any lapse in quality. Personally I think the hatred stems from elitists’ attitudes towards liking popular groups and bands with, dare I say it, talent and drive. Admittingly, at first I could not get myself to like this album, certainly due to my scenester undercoating, but it has earned its way out of the dog house and closer to my playlist with incredible songs like ‘The Hardest Part’ and the anthemic ‘Fix You’. Opener ‘Square One’ is a formidable start, but it cannot compare to the goose bumps I got upon hearing the opening chords of ‘Politik’ for the first time. For those who were aching for more after Coldplay’s last album your desires will be quenched with unbelievable ballads, while the rest of us will happily bask in the glory of “A Rush of Blood to the Head”.

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