The first time I listened to this album I thought for sure that Steve Perry had rejoined the group to reassume his lead vocals duties. Much to my shock, the lead vocals are done by Steve Augeri. Apparently he has been around for a few albums. Well, in my defense, I have to say that he sounds a lot like Perry. In an interesting experiment, on this album each member of the band (Steve Augeri on lead vocals, Dean Castronovo/drums, Ross Valory/ bass, Neal Schon/lead guitar, and Jonathan Cain/keyboards) takes a turn on lead vocals and for some members it is a pleasant surprise (Castronovo) and some it is not such a good experiment (Schon). Generations does mark the return of Schon's trademark crazy solos. One thing that does stand out on this album is the lyrics. The band really does know how to write and most of the lyrics are insightful, thoughtful and uplifting. It is definitely a better album than their last few recordings, but still it seems to me as if something is missing. Though this is not the worst album I have ever heard it is definitely not the quality of Journey in the 1980s. Journey will be playing the Bell Centre on Sunday, November 20th, 2005.

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