Wendy Williams

They say don't judge a book by its cover, but with Wendy Williams' Brings the Heat Vol. 1, I had it nailed from the get go. As a prominent radio host in New York, Wendy Williams has risen to stardom by playing what people want to hear, which is safe, watered down hip hop. This is what sells, and Ms. Williams does a dang fine job of amassing ultra-smooth tracks for the easy listening crowd.

Not edgy, and certainly not ground breaking, Brings the Heat Vol. 1 has the quality production and recognizable artists to sell to the masses, but do not confuse this hip-pop wih hip-hop…… or even rap for heaven's sake. Gasp!!! I find it pretty ironic all the flak rap music gets, meanwhile, its toned down cousin hip-pop is selling the same rap image back to the masses, largely made up of white buyers. All this means is that the tunes are average, the beats are average, and overall, it's basically, average. Includes artists such as Jadakiss, Deemi, Beenie Man, Black Rob, and M.O.P.

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