The Golden Girls – The Complete Third Season

This is the third season of the 1980s-1990s hit show, "The Golden Girls." There are twenty-five episodes, with a total run-time of appx. 550 minutes (9 hours and 10 minutes). Below are summaries of the shows.

1. "Old Friends"
Sophia befriends an old man on the boardwalk whom she becomes quick friends with, but his actions seem a little strange. Also, Blanche accidentally gives away Rose's favorite teddy bear at a garage sale.
2. "One for The Money"
The girls reminisce about times they've tried to quickly make money after Sophia attempts a get-rich-quick plot.
3. "Bringing Up Baby"
Rose's dead uncle leaves a pig with her and the girls. The only thing keeping the girls from killing Rose is the money they get when Baby dies.
4. "The Housekeeper"
The girls hire, then fire a housekeeper who may have magical powers, when it seems as though the girls may be cursed.
5. "Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself"
Rose has to conquer her biggest fear: Public speaking. This prompts Dorothy and Blanche to reminisce about their greatest fears.
6. "Letter to Gorbachev"
When Rose writes a letter to Mikhail Gorbachev about nuclear war, she becomes stunned when she finds out Gorbachev wants to personally speak to her.
7. "Strange Bedfellows"
The girls partake in a campaign to help a local man get elected to office. However, Blanche's sexual desires seem to have a way to mess that up.
8. "Brotherly Love"
Blanche attempts to go for the stereotypical rich doctor. Sadly for her, the only one he's interested in is Dorothy.
9. "A Visit From Little Sven"
Before his marriage, Rose's cousin pays her a visit. But, when Sven goes ga-ga for Blanche, will the marriage hold up?
10. "The Audit"
When Dorothy gets a visit from Stan, it's never pleasant. This time, when taxes are involved, it becomes a lot worse.
11. "Three on a Couch"
During a visit with a therapist, the four reminisce about times they've argued and bickered.
12. "Charlie's Buddy"
An old friend of Rose's husband stops by for a visit. But, is it more than just that?
13. "The Artist"
The girls pose nude for an artist who will unveil his sculpture at a gathering.
14. "Blanche's Little girl"
When Blanche's overweight daughter comes to visit, she notices something a little off about her daughter's soon-to-be-husband.
15. "Dorothy's New Friend"
Dorothy befriends an author who really displeases the other girls.
16. "Grab That Dough"
The girls go on a game show together. But, after the events before that, they'll need all the luck in the world.
17. "My Brother, My Father"
Sophia's religious brother pays a visit. However, he has no knowledge that Dorothy and Stan are seperated.
18. "Golden Moments, Part One"
Sophia plans on moving in with Phil. This makes the girls reminisce about all the times they've shared.
19. "Golden Moments, Part Two"
The girls continue reminiscing as Sophia is contemplating on where to go.
20. "And Ma Makes Three"
When Dorothy feels sorry for Sophia, she lets her tag along on one of her dates. Now, that's all she ever does.
21. "Larceny and Old Lace"
The girls become suspicious of Sophia's new boyfriend, claiming he's a thief.
22. "Rose's Big Adventure"
When Rose's boyfriend retires, he turns into a couch potato when she wants to do a lot more than lie around.
23. "Mixed Blessing"
When Dorothy's son comes to town to announce his engagement, it's not so bad until two bombshells are dropped.
24. "Mr. Terrific"
Rose begins to date, of all things, a local kid's show host.
25. "Mother's Day"
The girls wait for phone calls wishing them a good Mother's Day. While waiting, they remember past Mother's Days.

Special DVD Features:

-Golden Moments: The funniest scenes compiled from season 3
-The Golden girls Scrapbook:: The zaniest scenes of each Golden girl

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