Neil Young

'On that harvest moon….' part three. Not that anyone will be complaining after listening to this latest effort by Winnipeg's Neil Young. This 10 track collection of new music sounds like a sequel or companion to Young's previous albums 'Harvest' and 'Harvest Moon'. Young is back to an autumn sound that is perfect accompaniment to an evening sitting in front of a roaring fireplace with a good book and a drink. This is the type of quiet sounding album that will have many a listener singing along while remembering the good 'ole days. The voice, lyrics and acoustic guitar of Neil Young are beautifully accompanied by strings, horns and the Fisk University Gospel Choir. It is still Young in that the sound is a mix of country, folk and rock. Like most of Young's work the lyrics are dark and introspective; they are a look back on the passage of time, the love of family, and a recollection of memories by one of Canada's premiere storytellers. This album may seem like a 'simple' album to some, but if you really listen you will be amazed by the layers and depth to it.

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