The Tragically Hip

Sometimes the title of an album says it all. This is a 2-CD, 35 remastered tracks collection from one of one of the most popular Canadian groups ever. These are the tracks that if their fans were making a 'mixed' tape of The Tragically Hip would make it onto that tape. Putting their CD where there mouth is The Tragically Hip, in an acknowledgement to their fans, used fan voting on their official website to determine the tracks that would go on this CD. There are even two new tracks on the album, 'No Threat' and 'New Maybe'. The poetic lyrics, simple no strings attached melodies, and the eccentricity of their lead singer Gord Downie, has always allowed The Tragically Hip to garner both large album and concert ticket sales in Canada while at the same time being respected as an underground or alternative band. It has always struck me as odd that bands like Blue Rodeo and The Tragically Hip discovered incredible popularity in their home country, but success south of the border has always eluded them. Oh well, we can keep them as our own little secret treasures.

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