Alanis Morissette

This is a 19 track 'best of' collection of the past 10 years of Canada's multi-dimensional songbird Alanis Morissette. Most Greatest Hits packages actually demonstrate an artist's weaknesses (not really enough songs to make a greatest hits album…see Hillary Duff or Britney Spears) but this one actually makes the listener realize what an important, up-and-down, and influential career Morissette has enjoyed so far. It includes all the hits (You Oughta Know, Thank You, Head Over Feet, etc.), songs she has done for soundtracks ('De-Lovely', 'City of Angels', etc.) and a new cover of the Killer/Seal/George Michael song 'Crazy'. If you are not familiar with her music then you will find out quickly that this woman has her own sound, is very introspective, controversial, spiritual, uses her songs as confessionals, and is occasionally foul-mouthed. She also has a great voice which is rich and full of emotion. This is definitely a must-have for any devoted fan and a good introduction for those who are not familiar with this artist.

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