Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Ryan Adams is a prolific mastermind. It seems like every three seconds; dude's got a brand new record out. Well kinda. Here's number two in a three set series to be released before the end of 2005. Better than Cold Roses, the first of the trilogy, Jacksonville City Nights is an alt-country masterpiece. Relying more on the country vibe than the "alt" part of the genre, Adams and his band bring swooning melodies to new heights. Take a shot of whiskey then follow it with a beer because that's the tone of Jacksonville City Nights. "A Kiss Before I go" is dreamy with a honky tonk sweep. While "Trains" is restless with a rockabilly kick. Jacksonville City Nights is injected with raw emotion, heartbreak and good 'ole fashioned Southern good times. Pour that whiskey!

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