Is it just me or does this whole album sound like one long song? None of the tracks are different from the next one. It is interesting as a whole, but none of the tracks stand up well on their own. 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' is Madonna getting back to her roots, but the album does not have the same fun or catchy melodies as did 'Like A Virgin' or even the more recent 'Ray of Light'. The music sounds very futuristic and Madonna's vocals have been filtered, tweaked, and fooled around with so much it may as well be a computer singing. This left me with a cold feeling. The fact that she is in her late forties really shows on this album. No amount of synthesizers or dance beats will hide that fact. Her previous dance albums forged ahead and created trends with this album it seems as though she is living in the past. No longer is she pushing the genre forward. I love the fact that she is turning away from political albums and just making dance music again, but she is a little rusty. It is definitely an album that is for her loyal dance club fans and is not a work by a woman who is looking for new fans.

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