Why is it that Greatest Hits CDs seem to always come out just before Christmas? Well, at least Eminem waited four albums before putting out a Greatest Hits CD, unlike the pop stars he makes fun of (Britney Spears) who put one out after one or two albums. All of Eminem's charting hits are here as well as three new songs, 'Fack', 'Shake That' (with Nate Dogg) and 'When I'm Gone'. Also as a bonus the controversial live duet that he performed with Elton John of 'Stan' on the Grammys is included. Despite what you think of his onstage behaviour and his controversial opinions on homosexuals and women, Eminem is a brilliant lyricist and a decent rapper. He, more than any other rapper, has shaped and influenced the art form of rapping in the 21st century. He has also been recognized for his contributions by his winning of 9 Grammy Awards. One complaint I have always had about him and his music is the language….do we really need that much swearing on a CD?

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