The Concert for Bangladesh – George Harrison and Friends

On August 1, 1971 a historical concert happened at Madison Square Gardens in New York. George Harrison and some friends (Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, and Ravi Shankar) put on a benefit concert for Bangladesh.
Bangladesh (formerly East Bangladesh) and its people were going through a crisis because during their struggle for independence from Pakistan millions of Bangladeshi refugees fled to neighbouring India to escape from hunger, disease and bloodshed. The crisis deepened when massive floods hit the region. Ravi Shankar, a famous Bengal musician, alerted his friend George Harrison to the scale of what was happening and George organized the concert in a very short span of time. It was the first concert in which many musicians performed together to raise money for a cause – giving birth to concerts such as Live Aid and Farm Aid. Despite the hurried nature of the concert these great musicians all sound great playing together. The concert was a ray of hope for music fans in the early 1970s as they had gone through the break up of The Beatles and the deaths of Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. It was a great evening of fine music which was desperately needed. The concert raised a lot of money and was so successful that it was released as a film into theatres. Fans will be thrilled by the remastering of the sound (which was originally recorded by music legend Phil Spector) and the interesting and revealing documentary showing what went on behind the scenes.

Disc One:
-The concert

Disc Two:
1) Documentary: The Concert for Bangladesh revisited with George Harrison and friends.
2) Previously unseen performances from the rehearsals: If Not For You
3) Previously unseen performances from the sound check: Come On In My Kitchen
4) Previously unseen performance from the afternoon show: Love Minus Zero/No Limit
5) Mini Features: -The Making of the Film
-The Making of the Album
-The Original Artwork
-Recollections August 1, 1971
-Take A Bow

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