Big Shiny Tunes X

Musique Plus releases a Big Shiny Tunes compilation album at the end of each year with samplings of what they decide are the best tracks of the year. It has now been a decade that they have been putting out these big selling albums and that's pretty impressive. This year's album has a definite heavier sound to it than I remember of the earlier ones. The albums have always been about rock music but this one is definitely the loudest of the bunch. Instead of acts like Sugar Ray, Wheatus, Matchbox Twenty, and Goo Goo Dolls the album is now made up of raised decibel acts such as Seether, My Chemical Romance and Alexisonfire. Then acts such as Coldplay, K-OS and Gorillaz are stuck in between. I don't know what type of music listener an album with this much variety is supposed to appeal to. Also due to Itunes and Limewire, I don't know if the glory days of compilation albums are past.

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