Beastie Boys

Frat-dudes and pre-pubescent skaters rejoice! Brooklyn's prodigal rappers The Beastie Boys are back with yet another greatest-hits collection, this time slimmed down to one convenient disc. While their "Sounds of Science" box-set was a more comprehensive chronicling of the Beastie's career, "Solid Gold Hits" focuses on the bands' early (i.e.- good) years. With tracks from every full-length album included, the emphasis here is on the jams that get the dance-floor moving. "So What'cha Want", "Brass Monkey", "Intergalactic", all the favourites are on here. Apart from the plodding "An Open Letter To NYC", this set highlights the material on which the Brooklyn jokers were more concerned with fighting for their right to party than freeing Tibet.
Generally, greatest-hits albums are nothing more than crass commercial-grabs or contractual obligations, but "Sold Gold Hits" works because every Beasties album since 1986 has had more than it's fair share of filler (remember the "experimental" passages from 99's "Hello Nasty" disc?)
With only 1 clunker in an otherwise sweet track list, "Solid Gold Hits" is an essential party soundtrack, and a worthwhile purchase even if you already own the original albums. Throw this platter on at your next shindig and be prepared to "shake your rump-ah".

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