Rob Dickinson

Ex- Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson had some truly grandiose plans for this, his new solo record. According to the liner notes, Dickinson readily admits that he attempted to "make the best record in the world". While it would be safe to say he fell short of that lofty goal, "Fresh Wine for the Horses" does offer a soothing listen, in a modern-rock radio sort of way. With lush instrumentation and Dickinson's emotive, soaring vocals, "Fresh Wine…" should appease fans of pop-rock a la Coldplay and the like. And check out that cover! With an intense looking Dickinson releasing what appears to be a zip-lock bag of SEA HORSES into the ocean, you have to wonder if he at all conscious of how ridiculous it looks. More than likely he's too busy being, you know, deep.

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