Stevie Wonder

10 years after his last release, Stevie Wonder has a lot to prove with "A Time To Love". Lest he not be accused of coming to the party unprepared, Wonder has stacked this record with an impressive list of contributors, ranging from rocker Bonnie Raitt to the soulful India Arie. As expected, the production is outstanding, lending a dense yet emotional quality to the recording. Wonder straddles the lyrical fence often here, with topics alternating between social awareness and the emotional ballads he has long been known (reviled?) for. While this album is hardly as stunning as "Songs In the Key of Life", it is also by no means as saccharine as "I Just Called To Say I Love You". Perhaps not the true return to form many fans had been clamoring for, "A Time To Love" is still an outstanding release by one of the few musical visionaries we have left.

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