The Darkness

When you think about it, The Darkness were only able to fire up the charts with one single. "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" in all its grandiose glory was the only tune that these UK hair metal kings were able to win us over with. Not to say that their debut wasn't a smash, because, really it was everyone's guilty pleasure in 2003 and some of 2004 but they reached world domination with one single. So what to do now? Release a follow-up of course. One Way Ticket to Hell…And Back packs the same bravado as their debut with obligatory power ballads "Hazel Eyes" and "Dinner Lady Arms"; and heavy rockers like "It's Just Me" and "Girlfriend". With all this glam decadence you'd think the Darkness would be able create something new and different. Sadly, the band rely on what got them to the top and make an almost identical album as their first. But let's not kid ourselves here, The Darkness have enough pomp and bluster to have a good time. They may not have survived the sophomore curse but The Darkness sure as hell know how to rock the f*ck out. One Way Ticket To Hell…And Back may not be a perfect record its great for those days when you just wanna go for a drive, speed down the highway and practice your falsetto yelp. Just make sure you don't forget the Auquanet.

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