Ashley MacIsaac

This Ashley MacIsaac album contains absolutely no fiddling. Yes, you heard me correctly; Canada's bad boy fiddle virtuoso does not even pick up his instrument on his latest album. As he is now 30 years old and sober, MacIsaac has moved on to a 'serious' phase in his life. Music is not even necessarily going to be a part of his near future as he wants to go into law and politics. He even wants to run again for a seat in the House of Commons. No joke! He is going to give up a Juno Award winning career for politics. Wonders never cease! This album goes a long way towards showing that MacIsaac is a man undergoing change. His sound is no longer Celtic influenced and rather is a variety of punk/pop. There are just stripped down sounds on this album with guitar, bass and drums. MacIsaac does all the vocals and even plays guitar a bit. The lyrics are full of heartbreak, anger and sadness. Pick up the album and listen to an artist who may be the next Canadian Prime Minister…..why not? The U.S. elected Reagan, who was an actor. It could happen!

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