If you are hankering for something quite different in the music department this holiday season seek out Beck's new album. In the spring of 2005 Beck released a critically acclaimed but poor selling album entitled 'Guero' and this is a remix of that album. The various artists who have remixed the songs have done a good job and have brought some interesting twists to Beck's music. This album reminds us that there are many ways to listen to or interpret the same song. Nine of the fourteen tracks on the album are completely new so they do not appear on any other album or EP. The sound of the album is very computer generated/electronic/mellow with the usual trademark quirky vocals of Beck. He is definitely one of the more original music artists out there and even if you are not a fan you have to admit that he is quite innovative. That being said, Guerolito is definitely an album that will primarily appeal to his fans rather than the casual listener.

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