Bryan Adams

Having grown up on Classic Rock radio, it's safe to say I have always harbored a soft spot for Canada's favorite acne-scarred every-man rocker. Going through this 2-disc set, it's amazing to see just how many massive hits Adams had throughout the past 20-odd years. Conveniently split over 2 discs (in chronological order), the 36 cuts here represent both the highlights and low-points in Adams' career. Disc 1 is the best bet, featuring the early years where Adams nearly single-handedly ruled the airwaves. "Cuts Like A Knife", "Summer of '69", "Somebody", the list goes on and on. Each and every song is an anthem, and they have easily stood the test of time. Disc 2 is another story. Focusing on the mid-90's and on, this set of songs represents Adams at his schmaltzy peak, when he seemingly abandoned his trademark rock sound to appease the easy-listening crowd. To add insult to injury, disc 2 features a re-worked version of "When You're Gone" (Adams' duet with Sporty Spice), featuring none other than actress/writer/sexpot Pamela Anderson on vocals. Basically, buy this set for the hits-stacked first disc. Hopefully the other disc makes a nice coaster.

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