Jackson Browne

Most of the time when an artist releases a live album it contains music previously recorded, but that is not the case for this live Jackson Browne album. The material on this album was new and specifically written to be recorded for the album. Many of the 10 songs were recorded on stage, in a hotel room or on the tour bus and they have been remastered for this release. The theme of the album is all about being on the road (Hence the song 'The Road') and what that is like. Browne had reached a sort of writer's/performer's block after recording his album 'The Pretender'; an album in which he plainly states that he sometimes felt like a phony or a pretender while performing. The title song 'Running On Empty' really summed up how he was feeling at the time – musically and spiritually. Strangely enough, even though he did not write all the songs and the music sounded different from most of his other stuff, this was Jackson Browne's most commercially successful album

The AUDIO DVD captures the live performances of the 10 songs from the album as well as two others; including a reworking of 'Cocaine' called 'Cocaine Again' and an instrumental entitled 'Edwardsville Room 124'.

AUDIO DVD Special Features:
-Photo gallery
-Video montages

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