Matthew Good

Dreary Canadian rocker Matthew Good has apparently been at it for 10 years now, and as such, here comes the requisite "greatest hits" package. To be fair, there is nothing particularly awful about Matt Good, but his seriousness and seeming pretentiousness have always been a bit hard to swallow. The 17 cuts here span his 10-year career, focusing on his peak in the late 90's with such breakout hits as "Hello Time Bomb" and "Apparitions". As part of the Canadian alternative scene upswing in the 90's, Matt Good was ever-present (particularly on our Nation's Music Station), yet he seemed to fade from the spotlight a few years back. Having avowed to never play these songs live again (or at least not in their original form), fans should consider picking this comprehensive release up, assuming their copy of "Big Shiny Tunes '96" just doesn't make the cut anymore.

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