Various Artists

This 2-disc CD contains 36 tracks from 36 different bands which equals a lot of music for your money. It is the second volume from Stomp Records that contains the best of punk/rockabilly (or psychobilly, as they have dubbed it) music in Canada. All the tracks are short (time wise) and of the high energy variety which will have you bouncing around while listening to it. The bands on the album hail from coast to shining coast of this great country (Bloodshot Bill is from Quebec, The Farrell Bros are from Alberta, and The Switchblade Valentines are from British Columbia), so it gives you an indication of the different varieties within the punk/rockabilly genre that exist in one country. The music ranges from pure rockabilly to punk to some country influenced sounds. It is a definite must-have for those who are fans of rockabilly and want to hear the best young bands in Canada.

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