Keane – Stranger

British trio Keane (Tom Chaplin – vocals, Tim Rice-Oxley – keyboards/bass, Richard Hughes – drums) has seemed to have a mercurial rise to the top of the charts and sold out concerts, but really the three boys have paid their dues since the middle of the 90s. As is usual Continue Reading

Seinfeld – Season Five

Season five is a continuation of the non-adventures of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his friends George, Kramer and Elaine. Some ardent fans argue that Season 5 is the strongest of all the seasons. It may be the most consistently funny of all the seasons; there are no bad episodes Continue Reading


College basketball coach with a temper, Roy McCormick (Martin Lawrence – Bad Boys II, Do The Right Thing) is focused on making money more than he is on winning and teaching basketball to his players. After a game where he explodes and kills another team's mascot (a live falcon), Roy Continue Reading

Puddle Cruiser

If you are a fan of the college/frat comedies which seem to be in abundance lately then you probably will enjoy this film. It is the first film from the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, who also brought you the films 'Super Trooper' and 'Club Dread'. The troupe seems to have Continue Reading

Seinfeld – Season 6

Season six continues with the hilarious and often educational adventures of stand-up comedian Jerry and his friends George, Kramer and Elaine. This is the show which is about nothing except the everyday lives of four New Yorkers. Look for guest appearances this season by Bette Midler, Mel Torme, Jon Lovitz, Continue Reading