Keane – Stranger

British trio Keane (Tom Chaplin – vocals, Tim Rice-Oxley – keyboards/bass, Richard Hughes – drums) has seemed to have a mercurial rise to the top of the charts and sold out concerts, but really the three boys have paid their dues since the middle of the 90s. As is usual with the media, they have been called the next Coldplay. They have endured many comparisons to their contemporaries Coldplay because of their reliance on piano instead of guitar and angst-filled lyrics, but one listen will able you to hear the great difference between the two bands. In a black and white documentary director Ed Roe (no previous experience as a director or even filming at all) has captured the early years of Keane right up until the world became aware of them with the release of 2004's 'Hope and Fears'. Roe has gotten back stage interviews, impromptu discussions on the tour bus and coupled that with live performances by the band. This DVD allows the fan to see this band's great live performances from different venues all over the world and get some insight into how desperate they are to be successful. They want it so bad that we can almost taste it watching the DVD. Once you figure out the different and challenging menus included within the documentary then you have access to videos, live performances, and making ofs.

Disc One:
1)'Strangers' documentary Part One
2)Additional documentary footage
3)Live performances
4)Videos for 'Somewhere Only We Know' and 'This Is The Last Time'
5)To The End Of The Earth – Backstage at Brixton Academy
6)Photo Gallery
7)Concert Visuals

Disc Two:
1)'Strangers' documentary Part Two
2)Additional documentary footage
3)Live performances
4)'Bedshaped' – music video
5)'Bedshaped' – making the video
6)'Everybody's Changing' – music video
7)Photo Gallery
8)Concert Visuals

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