College basketball coach with a temper, Roy McCormick (Martin Lawrence – Bad Boys II, Do The Right Thing) is focused on making money more than he is on winning and teaching basketball to his players. After a game where he explodes and kills another team's mascot (a live falcon), Roy has to now prove that he can handle the pressures of coaching college basketball without loosing his cool. He is banned from coaching by his college and the league. He finds himself unable to find any coaching job. He is even laughed at on 'The Best Damn Sports Show' by the host (Tom Arnold – Happy Ending, True Lies). That is, until his agent (Breckin Meyer – Garfield: The Movie, The Craft) finally gets one offer for Roy to coach. It is at a junior high school coaching the winless Smelters. Roy is at first hesitant until his agent convinces him that this will bring him admiration from those who can allow him back into the college coaching ranks. McCormick is warned by Principle Walsh (Megan Mullally – from television's Will and Grace) that one strike and he is out. All of the parents, including Jeanie Ellis (Wendy Raquel Robinson – Miss Congeniality, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate) – mother of the team's only good player, Keith (Oren Williams – Ride Or Die), are a little bit suspicious of McCormick. In the beginning he just sits on the bench during games and does not really coach the team; but after being taunted by Larry Burgess (Patrick Warburton – Chicken Little, Sky High), the coach of a powerhouse school, Roy and assistant coach Mr. Nerwith (Horatio Sanz – The Man, Roadtrip) start to really teach the Smelter players – Ralph (Steven Anthony Lawrence – Kicking and Screaming, Cheaper By The Dozen), Fuzzy (Logan McElroy – first film), Goggles (Gus Hoffman – first feature film), Big Mac (Tara Correa-McMullen – from television's Judging Amy), and Wes (Steven Christopher Parker – first feature film) – how to play ball and imparting life lessons on them at the same time.

At the prices that they charge at the box office nowadays, it is no wonder with the number of sub par films like this one that are made that box office numbers are down this year. This is a film that I definitely put into the 'renter' category. You might feel ripped off if you pay anywhere from $10-$13 dollars to go see it, but you just might enjoy it if you rent it on a cold holiday night and watch it from the comfort of your easy chair. Rebound is another in a long line of feel good sports films for the whole family. Unfortunately for this one there is nothing original or any stand out performances in it. Martin Lawrence always seem severely restricted to me in films that he cannot be his crass self like he is during his standup routines. You can actually see and feel the film trying to be funny and that kind of apparent effort usually only succeeds in making things not funny. The kids are just not that cute that it makes up for the blah script. Rebound sorta reminded me of those Disney television movies that I used to watch as a kid on Sunday nights as it combines light hearted comedy with a good dose of life lessons.

Special Features:
-Alternate ending
-Theatrical trailer
-The Sandlot 2
-Inside Look: An exclusive look at Big Momma's House 2

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