Seinfeld – Season 6

Season six continues with the hilarious and often educational adventures of stand-up comedian Jerry and his friends George, Kramer and Elaine. This is the show which is about nothing except the everyday lives of four New Yorkers. Look for guest appearances this season by Bette Midler, Mel Torme, Jon Lovitz, Wendie Malick, and Jon Voigt.

Disc One:
1)The Chaperone: Kramer helps Miss Rhode Island, Jerry's girlfriend, prepare for a pageant. There is an unfortunate accident involving her birds and she has to sing during the talent portion. Elaine gets a new job and her boss is Mr. Pitt. George suggests that the Yankees use cotton uniforms, but they all shrink.
2)The Big Salad: George is upset when his girlfriend takes the credit for buying Elaine a salad. Jerry is upset to find out that the girl he is dating previously dated Newman. A murder suspect and Kramer are involved in a slow-speed chase.
3)The Pledge Drive: Elaine sees Mr. Pitt using a knife and fork to eat a chocolate bar and this starts a trend. George believes that everyone is giving him the finger. Jerry is the host for a PBS pledge drive.
4)The Chinese Woman: Due to crossed phone lines, Mrs. Costanza receives advice from Jerry's girlfriend and changes her mind about asking for a divorce. She, however, changes her mind when she finds out that Jerry's girlfriend is not Asian; but has just shortened her name. Kramer finds out his sperm count is low and decides to switch from briefs to boxers.
5)The Couch: George is too lazy to read so he watches 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' at a stranger's house who he saw renting it at a video store. Elaine dates an attractive moving man. Kramer and Poppie go into the pizza business. Poppie pees on Jerry's couch.
6)The Gymnast: Jerry dates a Romanian gymnast. Elaine has a hard time getting Mr. Pitt away from a 3-D poster. The mother of George's girlfriend catches him eating from the garbage.

Disc Two:
1)The Mom & Pop Store: George believes he has bought Jon Voigt's car. Kramer attempts to save a store. In order to rewatch the Macy's parade, Jerry crashes a party.
2)The Soup: Fellow stand-up comedian Kenny Bania offers Jerry a suit in exchange for a meal. There is confusion over whether a soup is a meal.
3)The Secretary: Jerry sees his dry cleaner wearing his jacket. George's secretary makes more than him. Elaine is upset to find out that Barney's uses slim mirrors. Kramer gets his hands on Uma Thurman's phone number.
4)The Switch: George dates a woman who is bulimic. Jerry tries to do a roommate switch. Elaine is responsible for Mr. Pitt's broken tennis racket. We are introduced to Kramer's mother and also learn his first name.
5)The Race: As he is a huge Superman fan, Jerry is thrilled to be dating a woman named Lois, but upset when he finds out her boss is an enemy from high school. Because Elaine is dating a Communist George also wants to. To prove he is faster, Jerry races against his high school enemy. Kramer works as Santa Clause and Mickey is his elf.
6)The Label-Maker: Jerry and Elaine discover that a friend has re-gifted a label maker. Kramer and Newman play a game of Risk. George is intimidated by his girlfriend's male roommate. Everyone is excited about the Super Bowl, but Jerry does not like who joins him at the game.

Disc Three:
1)The Scofflaw: Newman, who is the 'white whale', is helped by Kramer to escape from the cop who has been trying for years to capture him due to unpaid parking tickets. George discovers the truth about a friend's illness.
2)The Highlights of 100 – Parts 1 & 2: A retrospective of the highlights of the first 100 episodes.
3)The Beard: Elaine who is acting as a beard for a gay man tries to seduce him. George, who is now wearing a toupee, will not date a bald woman. To make some cash Kramer takes to posing in police lineups. In order to prove that he is not a fan of 'Melrose Place' Jerry undergoes a lie detector test.
4)The Kiss Hello: Jerry hates how Elaine's friend likes to kiss hello. To try and get people in the building to know one another Kramer puts photos up in the lobby.
5)The Doorman: Jerry is scared by Mr. Pitt's doorman. Frank Costanza moves into George's building. Kramer and Frank make a bra for men but cannot agree on the name for it. When a couch is stolen from the lobby Jerry and Elaine make sure they are not suspected.

Disc Four:
1)The Jimmy: A friend of George's who refers to himself in the third person goes into business with George. Jerry is disturbed by the fact that his dentist has Penthouse in the waiting room. At a benefit, people believe that Kramer is mentally challenged.
2)The Doodle: A sketch of George done by his girlfriend upsets him. Jerry's parents are forced to move into Elaine's hotel because his apartment has fleas.
3)The Fusilli Jerry: Elaine's boyfriend copies one of Jerry's moves. In error, Kramer receives a license plate that reads 'assman'.
4)The Diplomat's Club: Jerry's attempts to meet with a gorgeous model go awry. George gives proof that he is not a racist. Realizing that she is in her boss's will changes Elaine's plans to quit.
5)The Face Painter: Elaine finds out that Puddy paints his face for hockey games. George says, "I love you" to his girlfriend.
6)The Understudy: George and Jerry are accused of hurting Bette Midler so Jerry's girlfriend, the understudy, can perform in her place. Frank is asked by Elaine to translate what her manicurist is saying. Elaine gets a new job and her boss is J. Peterman.

Special Features:
-Featurette: Running with the egg, Part 1 & 2
-Deleted Scene: In the Vault
-Inside Looks
-Commentaries: Yada, yada, yada
-Notes about nothing
-Bloopers: Not that there's anything wrong with that
-Sein-Imation Scene: "The Big Race"
-Sein-Imation Scene: "Seinfeld Noir"
-Sein-Imation Scene: "Kramer vs. The Monkey "
-Exclusive Stand-Up Material: Master of his Domain

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