Seinfeld – Season Five

Season five is a continuation of the non-adventures of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his friends George, Kramer and Elaine. Some ardent fans argue that Season 5 is the strongest of all the seasons. It may be the most consistently funny of all the seasons; there are no bad episodes here. Whatever you think, it is an entertaining one and Seinfeld is definitely a show in which you can watch the episodes over and over.

Disc One:
1)The Mango: Because Elaine lets it slip that she faked orgasms while with Jerry he begs her for another chance to prove himself. Kramer is banned from a local fruit stand and coincidently George finds out the sexual power of the mango.
2)The Glasses: As he has lost his glasses George believes he has seen Jerry's girlfriend with his cousin. Elaine is bitten by a dog. Kramer helps Jerry purchase an air conditioner.
3)The Puffy-Shirt: A Seinfeld classic. Mistakenly Jerry agrees to wear a shirt on his Tonight Show appearance designed by Kramer's soft spoken girlfriend.
4)The Sniffing Accountant: Due to his nasal sniffling, Jerry is convinced that his accountant is a drug user. Kramer and Newman do a stakeout and George tries a new career as a bra salesman.
5)The Bris: Jerry and Elaine agree to be the godparents of a friend's child. A bris presided over by a shaky handed mohel proves to be too much for them. Kramer is convinced he saw a half human-half pig at the hospital.

Disc Two:
1)The Lip Reader: George cannot resist trying to get Jerry's hearing impaired girlfriend to read lips for him at a party. Kramer is a ball boy at the U.S. Open.
2)The Non-Fat Yogurt: Jerry and Elaine try to figure out if their favourite frozen yogurt flavour is non-fat. Due to their quest for the truth the New York mayoral race is affected. Elaine dates George's biggest childhood enemy. As a bonus, you are able to see two versions of this episode.
3)The Barber: Jerry is worried about ditching his inept barber. Elaine gets Kramer to participate in a bachelor auction.
4)The Masseuse: Even though Jerry's girlfriend is a masseuse she will not give him a massage. Elaine dates the unfortunately named Joel Rifkin.
5)The Cigar-Store Indian: Elaine's friend is offended by Jerry's cigar store Indian. Kramer gets Elaine's boss to go for his coffee table book about coffee tables.

Disc Three:
1)The Conversion: George converts for a woman. Jerry is obsessed with an ointment he spies in his girlfriend's medicine cabinet.
2)The Stall: Elaine is furious when a woman in the next bathroom stall won't pass her any toilet paper. Jerry is made by Kramer to think that his girlfriend is a phone sex operator. George becomes friends with Elaine's 'mimbo' boyfriend.
3)The Marine Biologist: Jerry tells George's girlfriend that George is a successful marine biologist. Elaine's client launches her electronic organizer out of a limo window and it hurts a passerby. Kramer golfs on the beach.
4)The Dinner Party: On their way to a dinner party Jerry and Elaine try to buy a babka. George's jacket causes problems in a liquor store where he and Kramer are trying to buy a bottle of wine.
5)The Pie: Meeting his latest girlfriend's father causes Jerry to lose his appetite. A store window mannequin looks remarkably like Elaine. George tries to buy a suit that is on sale. Kramer dates a cashier that works at Monk's.
6)The Stand-In: A soap opera hires Kramer as a stand-in. Taking Kramer's advice Mickey puts lifts in his shoes which angers the other short people. George wants to break up with his girlfriend until he finds out she has been encouraged to break up with him.

Disc Four:
1)The Wife: Jerry's parents think he has gotten married due to the fact that he allows his girlfriend to pose as his wife so he will receive a discount at the dry cleaners. Elaine's boyfriend, who works at a gym, wants to tell on George for peeing in the shower.
2)The Fire: There is a fire at George's girlfriend's son's birthday party and he panics. Elaine's colleague's small toe is saved by Kramer.
3)The Raincoat Part 1 and 2: Elaine dates a 'close talker'. He likes spending time with Jerry's parents. Jerry is seen making out during 'Schindler's List'. Kramer and Morty go into business together
4)The Hamptons: A weekend at the Hamptons is ruined when Jerry's girlfriend sees George naked, who falls prey to 'shrinkage'.
5)The Opposite: George decides to do the opposite of what his gut tells him to do and everything seems to go well for him. He gets a job with the New York Yankees. Jerry and Elaine try George's strategy and Jerry is 'even Steven', but Elaine loses her boyfriend and her job.

Special Features:
-Featurette: Jason+Larry=George
-Deleted Scenes: In the Vault
-Inside Looks
-Commentaries: Yada, Yada, Yada
-Notes About Nothing
-NBC Promos and TV Spots: Sponsored by Vandelay Industries
-Exclusive Stand-Up Material: Master of His Domain
-Bloopers: Not that there's anything wrong with that

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