Snatch (Deluxe Edition)

This quintessential incarnation of Guy Ritchie's classic "Snatch" has everything any fan of the film could ever want and more. Included in this box set are a set of playing cards and a Snatch poker chip and a wonderfully illustrated booklet, along with 2 DVD discs.

"Snatch" is director Richie's second feature film, following the offbeat "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels." For the uninitiated "Snatch" is a hard-hitting fast paced romp about a cast of nonconformists or mafia types (Criminals and boxing "promoters" Turkish (Jason Statham), his partner Tommy (Stephen Graham), and their prospects Gorgeous George (Adam Fogerty) and Mickey O'Neil (Brad Pitt), who is a Pikey or a gypsy. The jewel thieves include: Sol (Lennie James), Vinny (Robbie Gee), and their getaway driver Tyrone (Ade). Also, there are the Denovitz cousins Avi (Dennis Farina) and Doug "The Head" (Mike Reid), their courrier "Four-Finger" Frankie (Benicio Del Toro), and their muscle "Bullet Tooth" Tony (Vinnie Jones). Also, there are two characters who rise above the groups. Then there is "Brick Top" Polford (Alan Ford) and Boris "The Blade" or Boris "The Bullet-Dodger" (Rade Serbedzija). The Denovitz brothers and Boris are both trying to recover a very valuable 86 carat diamond while the aforementioned misfits all come into contact with the expensive gem. The film is really about the situations that each of the groups get into, with the astronomically valued diamond at the center of the story line. You will undoubtedly wonder which group winds up with the giant rock.

Guy Ritchie's unique frenetic violent cinematic scenes have often been compared to American director Quentin Tarantino ("Reservoir Dogs," Pulp Fiction"). So prepare for the "Stealin' Stones and Breakin' Bones" to begin. Enjoy this multi layered film but keep your finger near the pause button the British accents are a bit thick to say the least. Mickey's (Brad Pitt) vernacular is incomprehensible, but the inside joke is that it is suppose to be gibberish (so don't wear out the pause button).

DVD Special Features
-2 discs
-Commentary by: Guy Ritchie and the producers
-Stealing Stones Feature Option
-Making Snatch featurette
-Deleted scenes with filmmaker's commentary
-Storyboard to film comparisons
-Video photo gallery
-This Deluxe Edition includes: an exclusive Poker Kit featuring a Snatch-dealer chip and a -deck of cards.
-This Deluxe Edition also includes: an illustrated booklet movie scrapbook, featuring the cast members and director
-Plus several hidden extras

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