Healthy in Paranoid Times

Our Lady Peace as a group have generally not been taken too seriously by most critics because they see the band's success as a byproduct of the fact that every teenage girl in Canada seems to be in love with lead singer Raine Maida. Though this is probably the case it is not fair to the band to punish them because of Mr. Maida's sex appeal. Our Lady Peace is a talented band of musicians who really know how to write and play rock music that has some serious hooks. Rarely do I like Our Lady Peace's music at first listen, but once I play it again there is something about it that sticks in your head – in a good way! You find yourself humming the songs later on despite the fact that Maida writes some of the most puzzling lyrics in rock music. The tracks on this album are prototypical rock anthems as they start off slow and then build towards the climax at the chorus. Due to Maida's distinctive vocal style and his obvious passion most of the songs are strong emotionally without becoming whiny. As an added bonus the disc is a dualdisc, meaning that one side is a regular CD and on the other side is a DVD. On the DVD side you can get the whole album in PCM stereo and there is also a documentary.

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