The Breakthrough

Mary J Blige possesses one of the most soulful (read: full of pain) voices in popular music today. The lady has not led an easy life and it comes through in her voice and her music. Like most R&B or hip-hop albums, there are some collaborations with other artists on this 16-track CD, but what sets Blige's CD apart from the rest is the quality of the artists appearing on 'The Breakthrough'. Jay-Z, U2, (from Black Eyed Peas), and Raphael Saadiq all lend their voices/talent to the album. It pains me to say, but the cover of 'One' with U2 is probably one of the weaker tracks. The album is full of heartbreak and love making it feel extremely confessional and intimate. She has an ability to make us feel as if we are getting glimpses into her heart and mind. The album is full of Blige's soul and is probably one of her strongest albums to date. Look out for it to garnish some nominations around Grammy time. By the by, is it me or does she look a lot like Beyonce on the CD cover?

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