Thunder and Lightning

What could be more fun than a film with crocodile wrestling, moonshine, rednecks and car chases you ask? Well, shucks, I don't know. Watching this film transports you back to back to the 70s and also to the era of television shows like The Dukes of Hazzard. This is a movie starring David Carradine where he is not a martial arts expert. That does not mean, however, that he does not get into fights and use some kung-fu moves, because he does. Director Corey Allen (directed on many televisions series including Hawaii Five-0 and The Rockford Files) does play to his cast's fortes, so Carradine fights and Kate Jackson looks attractive. The film is a bit of a mess, however, and the redneck stuff is really overplayed. The production values are not the greatest and the acting and story are borderline at best. The best parts of the film are the boat and car chases. It is kinda a poor man's version of the popular Smokey and the Bandit series. If you enjoy the good ol' boy humour of The Dukes of Hazzard you might want to check this film out to see where that television series might have drawn its inspiration from.

Ralph Junior Hunnicutt (Roger C. Carmel – The Transformers) is a soft drink manufacturer in the swamps of the South. He is also the biggest bootlegger in the area. It is all going smoothly until he tries to shut down the operation of a small bootlegger named Harley Thomas (David Carradine – Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Bird On A Wire). Harley's operation is jeopardized when Hunnicutt's goons, Bubba (Ron Feinberg – A Boy And His Dog), Jake (George Murdock – The X-Files, The American President) and Carl (Claude Earl Jones – I Wanna Hold Your Hand, No Man's Land), blow up the still of the two brothers, Taylor (Patrick Cranshaw – Herbie: Fully Loaded, Old School) and Hobe Carpenter (Sterling Holloway – The Aristocats, The Jungle Book), who supply Harley. The situation is made more interesting by the fact that Harley is dating Hunnicutt's daughter, Nancy Sue (Kate Jackson – from television's Charlie's Angels). What follows is a series of fights, car chases, explosions, gun fights, and speed boat chases all set to hillbilly music.

Special Features:
-Fox flix: trailers of The Chase, Silver Streak, and Big Trouble in Little China

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