Transporter 2

Frank Martin (Jason Statham – The Italian Job, The Transporter) is an ex-special forces operative who is now known as 'The Transporter'. He is taking a break from his chosen profession of moving dangerous goods with no questions asked. Martin now earns his money driving young Jack Billings (Hunter Clary – first feature film), the son of wealthy U.S. official Jeff Billings (Matthew Modine – Memphis Belle, Married to the Mob) and Audrey Billings (Amber Valletta – Hitch, Raising Helen). When Jack is kidnapped by Gianni (Alessandro Gassman – A Month By The Lake) and Lola (Kate Nauta – first film), Jeff and the authorities think that Martin had something to do with it. Martin has to use his special forces training along with the help of his visiting friend, Tarconi (Francois Berleand – Les Choristes, Stardom), who is a police detective from France, to stay ahead of the police and to try and save the boy.

If you have seen the first Transporter movie then you know what you are in for. The film is chock full of car chases and martial arts style fighting. Jason Statham as Frank Martin is cooler than cool and is able to kick the ass of anyone anywhere. Like the first film, the plot is a little thin and the dialogue is a bit stilted, but I did not really care while watching it. I am sure there were some complaints about the believability of the script, but this is not 'The Bourne Identity'; in this film the plot is just a means to show chase/fight scenes. It is not a thriller, but an action film and we do have to suspend belief if we want to enjoy the film. Part of the fun of the film is how crazy the stunts get and how improbable the plot twists are. I love Jason Statham as this character and director Louis Leterrier (The Transporter) keeps the action coming at a high pace.

Special Features:
-Deleted and extended scenes
-Blooper reel
-"Making of Transporter 2" featurette
-"Making of the music" featurette
-Widescreen and full screen versions of film

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