Alien Nation – The Complete Series

I had avoided this show when it premiered, thinking it was another overhyped "cops n' robbers in space" show. I was wrong by a million miles. This series could stand in as the ultimate testing ground for true multiculturalism – a word that wasn't even in vogue at that the time (and the concept still isn't.) This series is one of those rare cases where television improves an on existing movie. The actors are likeable, the plots are intriguing, the dialog is coherent, the premise is thoughtful, and the action is packed. Alien Nation, like the original Star Trek series, was a ground-breaker in presenting thoughtful ideas and philosophic challenges in a non-threatening way with the assistance of "fantasy" as a back-drop. This series can really make a person think without having to be hit over the head. Fans of this show have speculated why this show died after the first season. Budgeting may have been a factor, but my personal belief was that it was the Hollywood Writers' Strike (of nine months) that killed this show, along with some other really good programs. Because of the Strike, a lot of really good, strong television simply couldn't sustain the momentum to develop a solid fan-base, and hence, advertisers to support the programming. Television networks became (more) afraid of challenging viewers and – once burned twice shy – seemed reluctant to give writers room for creativity lest they become too dependent. Alien Nation (opposite of alienation?) is a terrific television show whose time has come and should be revisited by viewers who prefer above-average dialog, moral and ethical stimulation, and sheer wit and whimsy just for fun.

Special DVD Features:
-Cmmentary by Director Kenneth Johnson
-Behind the scenes featurette

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