Catherine Potter

Very few musicians can be classified as truly original artists. Well, Canadian (Montreal to be exact) flutist/composer Catherine Potter comes as close as you can to that label. She is the only Canadian who has mastered the Bansuri flute, an instrument of Indian origins, and who makes her living playing it. This artist has gained an international reputation while playing music of a classical Indian variety. On the CD she has gathered musicians of a truly international background (Bangladesh, Bulgarian, and Canadian) with whom she has played with since 2000. On the Duniya Project, Potter has created a sound which is tinged with jazz and blues influences making listening to the music a truly unique experience. The way she plays the instrument is fresh and innovative which attracts a fan base that is not necessarily familiar with classical Indian music. Potter's using traditional influences and mixing them with her own contemporary flavours has made a CD that is an emotional and heart felt one to listen to.

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