Lillian Hellman (Jane Fonda – Agnes of God, 9 to 5) has been lifelong friends with Julia (Vanessa Redgrave – The White Countess, Girl, Interrupted). They are separated when Julia decides to go to Vienna to study medicine and Lillian remains in the United States. Lillian is a writer who Continue Reading

The Visitation

Minister Travis Jordan's (Martin Donovan – Agent Cody Banks, Malcolm X) wife Miriam (Jhey Castles – first film) is murdered ritualistically. Disillusioned he quits the church and loses his faith. Another minister Kyle Sherman (Randy Travis – Baby Geniuses, The Rainmaker) tries to keep him involved in the religious happenings Continue Reading

Taj Mahal and Mavis Staples

It is not often that you get to see two musicians of such reputation and caliber performing together. Both are icons within the music industry and to see them within the beautiful confines of the Flynn Center (roughly 1,200 seats) in Burlington, Vermont is almost too much to hope for. Continue Reading

Various Artists

Comprised of rare, unreleased and album tracks from big players in the punk/indie/hardcore arena, Take Action: Volume 5 benefits The National Youth America Hotline. This hotline hopes to put a dent in the high number of youth/teenage suicides. Teenage suicide is the third leading cause of death of ages 15-24 Continue Reading