Listening to an electronica band live is always interesting. You are sitting on the edge of your seat (figuratively not literally) wondering if they can recreate their sound live….are they just a studio creation? This 9-track live EP by Royksopp does not cause you to fall off the edge of your seat for the wrong reasons. Quite the opposite. The band, especially female vocalist Karen Dreijer, really raises the bar live. They change, expand and alter the sound of their songs to make them seem vaguely familiar, but refreshingly new. Much of the music on the album now sounds like a mix of a Broadway musical and something created in outer space. A warning: fans of Queens of the Stone Age stay away from Royksopp's cover of "Go With The Flow". You won't appreciate it. Guitars are replaced by synthesizers. The horror!! For the rest of us, it is an interesting twist on that rock song.

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